12 week body transformation

I’m back working long hours that are very taxing hence my silence but the other reason is that mentally I’d fallen off the wagon and last I saw it, it was heading over the hills and far away.

So, I’ve joined Michelle Bridges 12 week program! I think a formal program with a public face should be a good way to get back on track and meet my goals.



Katherine Races – tell me how to loose 4kg fast please!

Katherine Races

OK, a quick post and I’ll probably get slammed by the critics but this is my current goal. 4kg down by May 11 which is 3 weeks away.

Can I have some advise please? Currently my regime is no pasta, bread, potatoes or rice, meat only twice a week, eat every three hours (no junk of course) and walk/run 6ks every second day and am up to a 12,10,8 sit up/push-up rep routine every second day AND no alcohol. I’ve lost 5kg since starting Jan 14 but really want to up the anti to fit into a little black dress for The Katherine Races!!! This awesome event attracts over 2,000 people to Katherine for THE FUNNEST DAY OF THE YEAR…. but you know it gets hot so you don’t want to wear too much AND high-heels are just too hard on turf. I’m gonna wear flats which can be so not flattering so the 4kg has to go!

So…. how do I do it?

I’m hit… by man flu.


Well…. I fucked up in every way possible (did we say we could swear on this blog when necessary? This is necessary) and am now able to say with great expertise… it is NOT WORTH IT.

What did I do? We-ell… everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. Drank, smoked, ate HJs, meat, bread, potato chips, did’t exercise for a week… Oh god I feel so ashamed… What happened?! WHAT HAPPENED?!

I let a totally worthless event distract me from my goals… I won’t go into any great detail regarding what the worthless event was… it was a man…

Uggh! I have no-one to blame but myself but you know all those memes on FB that say surround yourself with positive people that help you up, not pull you down, etc… (in the old days I’d be recalling parables or words of wisdom from favourite books or TV shows)… they are right!

I am back to eating well and no alcohol and absolutely no smoking (where was my head on that one?! Duh!) but my body is rebelling with the most horrendous, what I am sure is, man flu.

Lessons learnt… I’m too green. Too new… in lots of ways.

There is no way I can take my eye off the ball for even a second and 365 days to learn to embrace a new way of living is very realistic… it’s going to take me every second of that time to get this right I think.

I’d like to say ‘I’m ba-ack,’ with great gusto but quite frankly I am just relieved not to have been totally lost down that path… because it could have been real easy. REAL easy. So what I will say is, “Few! That was close!” And try not to beat myself up too much for being such a bloody tool.

With a heavy heart

It’s been a whirlwind fortnight. A dear friend of mine passed away this week following a valiant and lengthy battle with cancer. For all the years I have known her she has battled to make it through the next milestone in her daughter’s life. Her passing was peaceful and loving; with all those touched by her congregating in the ICU waiting room throughout the week prior.

It’s one of those moments that makes you to take a look at all that is in front of you and say a quick prayer for your blessings.

The Silver Lily…


How do I inspire you beautiful lady, beautiful lady?

How do I change places with the moon?

You who have inspired me for such a long time now,

How can I possibly be like you?

(from the Silver Lilly, a poem inspired by you x)

Tight waistbands

While Meg has been reveling in her excess skin I have fallen off the wagon and gained 2kg back, earlier in the week I had put this down to my cycle but if I’m honest… I’m finding it hard, really hard to stay on track. Not just weight wise, a bit of everything wise.

I want the prize now, I want to be the best person I can be and just don’t get why I keep self sabotaging.

Need some inspiration and renewed energy to follow this all the way.

Saggy Baggy… Skin?! WTF!

WTF! What the hell is this (I sound like my daughter)?!!!

It’s great loosing weight but did I stretch my skin or something?! Where did all these wrinkles come from?

I’m calling in the big guns. Best Anti Wrinkle Cream, can you give some advice? Are these wrinkles as a result of stretched skin? I’m talking about around my eyes and my neck…

Just to get you in the picture quickly this blog is written by me and my best friend and we are on the road to awesome, together, by dedicating ourselves to a healthier lifestyle and worship of our higher selves (and not the kind of higher self we were at UNI :-)) And whilst this trip is really awesome it might be inclined to be slightly deterred if I’m trading my deliciously curvaceous figure for a face full of sag!

Faithfully awaiting your guidance and miracles 🙂

What is this feeling?

Good Work

Day… well I don’t know how many days it has been since my best friend Lou-lou and I started this blog with the facial aim of losing weight. The fundamental reason was to revive our wanderlust that we are interesting, creative, and sexy women.

And although the evidence of my own actions lay in total abstinence from alcohol, a mighty effort to avoid carbs, exercise for an hour each day and meat once a week the internal battle is in synchronicity. It’s about thinking those thoughts and taking those actions you know are good for you – even if they are a little tough at first, the mental mettle does improve.

So, as my body sheds weight, my muscles tone and tighten, my skin rejuvenates and the shine returns to my eyes so does a feeling of joy, happiness and peace return to my soul.

I was walking around Woollies today with my kids.. we were laughing and having a great time. I thought to myself, this is nice but why do I feel so emotional? And I realized that all this time, all the effort I had been making not to feel bad, was also masking my ability to feel good!

So 5 kilos down and a soul full of bliss up… body, mind, soul… now THAT friends and neighbors is a real measure of success!


The Family Tree

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been doing a sh*tload of stuff to do with my father’s family tree. As is often the way, the universe stepped in and suddenly both girls had assignments on family history.

Number one daughter had to complete a family tree spanning three generations. What became immediately obvious was that both grandmother’s came from breeders. My mother has 31 first cousins! Thank god they invented TV… and the other thing that became apparent is that there was a ‘village’ to raise children all those many moons ago.

From my own experience as well as the experiences friends and acquaintances there is a common undercurrent in conversations amongst women; a lack of support in day to day life and a lack of community in our everyday lives. I can only translate it, for me, as a feeling of invisibility.

When my mother grew up she lived on a farm, rode her horse to school and regularly disappeared off to cousins homes around town. Today, there’s a really high proportion of women and families who live away from their family of origin and on top of this geographic isolation the demands of day to day life leave them with little spare time to interact with neighbours or school parents in order to foster a sense of family and community amongst those who are on the same or similar path.

On reflection I begin to see how brutal my family’s emigration was to my mother. Plucked from an extensive family with whom she had many, many ties and plonked in a country where she knew no one with three young children and a husband who worked long hours. Her journey through parenthood is not dissimilar to the journey that many woman take today.

I should ask her, and I will, what are some of the life lessons she learned along the way. She struggled with her sense of self in many ways. It would be interesting to find out whether she feels like she’s completed the journey now that she is in her 70’s and the inevitable looms. What advice or information would she share with her 40 year old self?

Don’t eat meat pies… ever.


OK – I have the holy grail of weight loss in my hands. The answers to all your questions and the solution to all your problems… As my friend Toni Tapp Coutts would say, “It’s common sense.” Yes really, that’s the answer. Common Sense.

I had to travel to a remote Indigenous Community in the Katherine Region yesterday and although there were plenty of fresh fruit and veggies stacked up in the fridge of the local shop the only takeaway food were chicken kebabs and pies… two kinds of pies; regular and ‘a good one’. I thought it pretty safe to eat the ‘good one’ as it had the ‘heart smart’ tick. Alas it was not. And the measure of this failure? Not that the KJ count was 1,645… it was feeling crook from yesterday lunch time until lunch time today!

But you know the real killer? I’ve been Laksa… about twice a week. They’re yummy and I’ve left out noodles or meat so thought I was pretty safe there. I’ve also been using only half the portion of reduced fat coconut milk… as you can see in the attached picture, apparently this food is ALSO not so good and is a ‘sometimes’ food… being that it is absolutely CRAMMED with salt!

So i guess it’s not only common sense that need apply – but also remembering everything in moderation,.. AND that if it doesn’t rot on the shelf it’s probably not too good for you 🙂